About Us


Sigma Nidhi

by Sigma Technologies

We at Sigma Technologies have spent considerable resources in the form of time and manpower to gather working knowledge of Nidhi or Mutual Fund businesses from professionals who run such institutions and work in them. This comprehensive set of knowledge data has been used to develop Sigma Nidhi with complete data security. Our highly customizable solution helps you to focus marketing and customer management activities by automating your taks and reduces the man-hours required for intensive management and organizational functions. This reduces costs, increases profits and helps you achieve a higher efficiency. This solution is highly customizable with SMS, E-mail and Mobile Application integrations possible.

Our solution is an easy-to-understand and easy-to-deploy software, built over a cloud platform so that it can be accessed over a variety of devices from hand-held tablets to personal computers, just with the help of Internet connectivity. You can easy create multiple branches and add multiple users , agents, accounts, employees, etc., all under one umbrella – Sigma Nidhi.